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Original General Order 95


Section V


Detailed Construction Requirements for Supply Lines

(Class H, L and T Circuits)


56.8    Guy Insulators


Insulators which sectionalize guys shall conform to the following specifications based on the highest voltage carried at the level on the pole, tower, structure or crossarm nearest which the guy is attached and also based on the voltage of higher voltage circuits through which the guy passes.


A.    Material


Insulators used in guys on supply lines shall be porcelain, glass or other suitable material.


B.    Strength (see Rule 44, Table 4 and Rule 49.5-B)


C.    Voltage Requirements


Insulators used in guys on supply lines shall be so designed that their dry flashover voltage is not more than 75% of their puncture voltage at operating frequencies.


Insulators used in guys on supply lines shall have a dry flashover voltage not less than as specified in Table 13 when tested in accordance with the Standards (No. 41, March 1930) of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers under the maximum mechanical loadings specified by this Order for the guy construction involved.


Table 13

Guy Insulator Flashover Voltage

Nominal voltage of circuits nearest point of attachments

Dry flashover voltage of insulators

0-7500 volts

15,000 volts

7500-17,500 volts

Double the circuit voltage

Over 17,500 volts

35,000 volts