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Original General Order 95


Section IX


Joint Poles or Poles Jointly Used


91.3    Stepping


All jointly used poles which support supply conductors shall be provided with pole steps if vertical runs or risers of supply or communication conductors are attached to the surface of such poles; except that those jointly used poles which carry circuits operated only by one party are not required to be stepped provided any vertical runs or risers on the surface of such poles are covered by a suitable protective covering of wood throughout their length above a point 8 feet from the ground line.  The lowest step shall be not less than 7 feet 6 inches from the ground line and above this point steps shall be placed, with spacing between steps on the same side of pole not exceeding 36 inches, at least to the height of the upper end of the topmost run or riser attached to the surface of pole.  Steps shall be so placed that the runs or risers do not interfere with their free use.