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Original General Order 95


Section IX


Joint Poles or Poles Jointly Used


91.4    Hardware


On jointly used wood poles or structures, hardware which is less than 3 feet above of 6 feet below unprotected supply conductors of 0-7500 volts shall be ungrounded.  Excepted from requirements of this rule are the following:


Hardware of risers treated as specified in Rules 54.6-E or 86.4-E;


Hardware of riser terminals treated as specified in Rule 54.6-F;


Hardware associated with grounded cables and messengers supported on crossarms provided such hardware has vertical clearances and pole clearances as specified in Tables 1 and 2 for such cables and messengers;


Hardware associated with guarded cables and messengers which are treated as specified in Rules 57.4-F or 87.4-C3; and


Hardware associated with guys or extended messengers when installed as specified in Rule 86.6-B2.


Hardware which is required to be underground by any provision of this Rule 91.4 shall not be less than 1 inches from any grounded cable, messenger or hardware.