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General Order 64


Section X


Joint Poles Or Poles Jointly Used


105    Special Construction Details.


(a)    Poles: Pole steps shall be provided on all jointly used poles which carry vertical supply or signal attachments such as cables, wires and conduits.  The lowest step shall be not less than 7 feet 6 inches from the ground line.  No vertical attachments shall be so placed as to interfere with the use of pole steps.  (See Appendix E, Fig. 38.)


(b)    Crossarms:  All line crossarms shall be on the same side of the pole, except where double crossarms are used.


(c)    Conductors:  Open wire signal and supply conductors shall be supported on insulators and pins on crossarms and not on brackets or knobs.  Within urban districts all signal cables shall be supported by crossarms and shall be at least 15 inches from the center line of the pole.  In rural districts the messenger supporting a signal cable may be attached directly to the pole below supply lines.  Where the distance from the signal cable to the lowest crossarm carrying supply lines is less than 6 feet there shall be placed on the pole immediately above the messenger wire and substantially parallel to but not in contact therewith, a wooden crossarm not less than 4 feet in length.

Signal wires or cables run vertically on joint poles shall be protected as provided in Rule 93 (c) regardless of territory.
  Supply conductors run vertically shall comply with Rule 68 (d), except that supply underground risers must be protected by the moulding to a point at least 8 feet below the nearest signal conductor or cable.


(d)    Signal Boxes and Terminals:  Signal cable boxes or terminals may be placed upon either side of poles jointly used, provided that the following requirements are met:


1.    No signal box or terminal shall be placed within less than forty inches from any supply conductors or equipment, except supply wires run vertically on poles.


2.    When metal signal boxes or terminals are employed they shall be protected by wooden block arm placed immediately above.  When such box or terminal can separated more than 72 inches from the supply conductors or equipment, except supply wires run vertically on the pole, the guard arm above required may be omitted.


3.    The side of the pole opposite to the signal box terminal shall be kept free for climbing.


(e)    Street Lamps:  Where placed below signal or supply circuits of 0-750 volts no part of the bracket, or braces or guys therefrom, shall come within 2 feet of any signal crossarm, and the lamp shall be properly insulated from the bracket.