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Original General Order 128


Appendix A


Summary of Dimensions, Clearances and Depth Requirements



Table 2    Miscellaneous Dimensions and Clearance Requirements for Supply and Communication Systems


Case No.

Nature of Clearance or Depth


Reference Rules


From railroad tracks, of risers and other above-ground terminations

General Order 26D and 118

31.5-D , 33.5-D , 41.5-C , 43.4


Size and shape of manholes

Minimum inside dimension shall be 4 feet by 5 feet high. See Public Utilities Code, Section 8051 for specific requirements

32.4 , 42.4


Manhole openings

Not less than 26 in diameter or 26 x 24 rectangular

32.5 , 42.5


Manhole location

Manhole openings shall not be less than 3 feet from any railroad rail

32.8 , 42.8


Sectionalizing Switches

Maximum height of operating handles and viewing windows: 61/2 feet



Oil filled equipment

From building surface: 3 feetFrom non-combustible building surface: 2 feet



Dimensions and clearances shown may be reduced under certain conditions - see referenced rules.