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Original General Order 166




The following rules require each jurisdictional electric utility to:

  • Prepare an emergency response plan and update the plan annually. Standard 1.
  • Enter into mutual assistance agreements with other utilities.  Standard 2.
  • Conduct annual emergency training and exercises using the utilities emergency response plan.  Standard 3.
  • Develop a strategy for informing the public and relevant agencies of a major outage.  Standard 4.
  • Coordinate internal activities during a major outage in a timely manner.   Standard 5.
  • Notify relevant individuals and agencies of an emergency or major outage in a timely manner.  Standard 6.
  • Evaluate the need for mutual assistance during a major outage.  Standard 7.
  • Inform the public and relevant public safety agencies of the estimated time for restoring power during a major outage.  Standard 8.
  • Train additional personnel to assist with emergency activities.  Standard 9.
  • Coordinate emergency plans with state and local public safety agencies.  Standard 10.
  • File an annual report describing compliance with these standards.  Standard 11.