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Original General Order 95


Section V


Detailed Construction Requirements for Supply Lines

(Class H, L and T Circuits)


57.7    Use of Guard Arms and Coverings


Any guard arm which is required to be installed by the provisions of Rule 57.4-F shall be at least 4 feet in length (Rule 20.9-D) and parallel to and not more than 4 inches above the top of the cable or messenger.  In lieu of the guard arm, suitable protective covering of wood at least 4 feet in length may be placed around the cable and messenger.


Double guard arms shall be used where such a messenger or cable is dead ended on or wrapped around a wood pole, at a vertical separation of less than 6 feet below unprotected supply conductors of other circuits of 750 volts or less. Portions of cables which take the form of a riser or a grounded lateral or vertical run shall be covered as specified in Rule 54.6-E for risers.