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Section II


Definitions of Terms as Used in The Rules of This Order


20.9    Crossarm or Arm means a horizontal support of wood or metal attached to poles or structures generally at right angles to conductor supported.


A.    Combination Arm means a cross arm supporting supply conductors of 0-750 volts and supply conductors of 750-7500 volts.


B.    Related Buck Arm means a crossarm used to change the direction of all or a part of the conductors on the line arm immediately above or below.  A buck arm is generally placed at right angles to the line arm.


C.    Clearance Arm means a crossarm supporting conductors installed on a pole of another line for the purpose of maintaining the prescribed clearances of this order which, if the other line did not exist, could be maintained without such clearance arm.


D.    Guard Arm means a wood crossarm installed on a pole directly above and parallel to the messenger, cable or conductors being guarded.  Guard arms are required in certain cases of low voltage rack construction (see Rule 54.9-E) and certain cases of cable construction (see Rules 57.7, 87.7 and 92.1).  Guard arms shall not be used to support conductors or other line facilities except as specifically provided in these rules (see Rules 84.8-B2c and 87.7-B).