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The eclipse is a test of solar power in America; The Economist 8/19/2017
‘Great American Eclipse’ Begets Hype, Rock-and-Roll, and Test of Back-Up NatGas Resources; Natural Gas Intelligence 8/18/2017
Eclipse prompts California power grid changes when solar energy supply dips; Los Angeles Times 8/18/2017
Don’t Miss CPUC’s Solar Eclipse Viewing Events in Sacramento and S.F.; CPUC News Blog 8/18/2017
What Comes of Solar Power When the Sun's Eclipsed; Bloomberg News 8/17/2017
California's Power Grid Braces For Loss of Energy During Solar Eclipse; NBC Bay Area 8/17/2017
Utility companies not worried about loss of energy during eclipse; KRCR News 8/15/2017
SMUD gets 10 percent of its power from solar. The utility is preparing for the eclipse; Sacramento Bee 8/15/2017
Who’s hosting eclipse-viewing parties in the Sacramento region?; Sacramento Bee 8/14/2017
Total Solar Eclipse To Impact Solar Energy Resources; KPIX; CBS5 8/14/2017
Sun’s eclipse a celestial marvel, but a downer for solar power plants; Santa Rosa Press Democrat 8/14/2017
The big loser during the eclipse? Solar power; Mashable 8/11/2017
Grid planners will be in tune when sun is eclipsed by the moon; Electric light & power 8/11/2017
How Will the Eclipse Affect Solar Power?; Natural Resources Defense Council Blog 8/10/2017
The Coming Solar Eclipse Is a Big Moment for Natural Gas; Fortune 8/09/2017
Solar eclipse 2017: how the solar power industry is prepping for a huge sunlight blip; Vox 8/09/2017
US solar energy grid braces for solar eclipse event; Fox News Science 8/08/2017
Take the Pledge at; CPUC Blog 8/04/2017
Human Behavior 'Trumps' Battery Tech in Solar Energy Future; Inverse Innovation 8/03/2017
EUC-CPUC Solar Eclipse Radio News Release
Californians Asked to Reduce Energy Use During 'Great Solar Eclipse'; Claycord News & Talk 7/31/2017
Californians Asked To Reduce Energy Use During August Solar Eclipse; CBS SFBay Area 7/30/2017
Upcoming eclipse will darken solar power production; Lake County Record-Bee 7/24/2017
Why it's Crucial for Californians to turn off their lights during the upcoming solar eclipse; Mic 7/24/2017
Eclipse Plea from Regulators: Stay in the Dark; San Francisco Chronicle 7/23/2017
Legislature Passes Resolution Encouraging Lower Energy Use During Solar Eclipse; Assemblymember Chris Holden 7/20/2017
CPUC Unveils for Californians to take the Pledge; CPUC Press Release 7/18/2017
Californians brace for Solar Power Loss During August Eclipse; The Weather Channel 6/09/2017
What happens to solar power during an eclipse? On Aug. 21, California will find out; Press Enterprise 6/09/2017
California's Answer to Coming Solar Eclipse: Unplug Appliances; Bloomberg News 5/25/2017
CPUC helps Consumers plan for the Great Solar Eclipse; CPUC Press Release 5/25/2017
This Summer's Eclipse will put California's Solar-Powered Grid to the Test; GreenTech Media 5/11/2017

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