Do Your Thing For The Sun Partnership

In addition to individual pledges, the campaign is engaging with state and local government, clean energy businesses and advocacy organizations to form the ‘Do Your Thing for the Sun Partnership’. ‘Do Your Thing For The Sun Partners’ pledge to work with the California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission and the California Independent System Operator to develop energy saving plans that that will be deployed during the eclipse. These plans range from smart thermostat companies designing air conditioner cycling programs that will reduce the need to use natural gas during the eclipse to local governments activating their energy efficiency and demand response capabilities across their buildings.

Why Become a Do Your Thing For The Sun Partner?

California’s clean energy economy employs hundreds of thousands of Californians who install solar panels, manufacture electric cars and buses, and help their communities save money and clean up the environment. Our leadership has resulted in tens of billions of dollars of investments in California communities, cleaner water and air and established California as a global leader in the fight against climate change.   ‘The Do Your Thing for the Sun Partnership’ is a unique opportunity for institutions from across California to come together to stand up for California’s clean energy future during this once-in-50 year celestial event to save energy and reduce GHG emissions. ‘Do Your Thing For The Sun Partners’ will benefit from a unique branding and awareness raising opportunity. Every Californian will witness the eclipse, and the Partnership will seek to leverage the significant media coverage of the eclipse to raise awareness of California’s clean energy leadership and the role that its citizens, companies, institutions and governments are playing in driving this future forward.

Join us!!!

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Do Your Thing For The Sun Partner’ please email Rory Cox ( ) at the California Public Utilities Commission to set up a call to discuss the partnership, how to develop an Eclipse Energy Savings Action Plan and opportunities to share your clean energy story with your community and all Californians.

'Do your thing for the Sun Partners'