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General Order 95


Section IX


Joint Poles or Poles Jointly Used

91.3    Stepping


A.    Use Of Steps


(1)    Poles with Vertical Runs or Risers: All jointly used poles which support supply conductors shall be provided with pole steps if vertical runs or risers are attached to the surface of such poles, unless the conditions described in the following subparagraphs (a) , (b) or (c) are met:


a)    One–Party Poles: Poles which carry circuits operated and maintained by only one party are not required to be stepped, provided any vertical runs or risers on the surface of such poles are covered by a suitable protective covering (Refer to Rule 54.6–E and Rule 84.6–E ) from the ground line to a level not less than 8 ft. above the ground line, or provided that such poles comply with the conditions of Rule 91.3–A1b .


b)    Communications Runs: Joint poles with vertical communications runs are not required to be stepped, provided all of the following conditions are met:


1)    The pole has no pole mounted communication terminals, no risers and no vertical runs (including ground wires) located within the climbing space, and not more than three levels of communication line conductors;


2)    The communications levels consist only of drop wire in line cable construction, span wire supported cables, and messenger–supported cables;


3)    The maximum vertical separation between the highest and lowest line communications levels is not more than 30 inches;


4)    The vertical runs other than ground wires consist entirely of drop wire cables for service drops which extend vertically no more than one foot above and below the communication line levels.


c)    Supply Runs: Joint poles with supply vertical runs are not required to be stepped provided all of the following conditions are met:


1)    All supply circuits on the pole are operated and maintained by only one party.


2)    All supply vertical runs other than ground wires are located entirely above the communication levels.


3)    No ground wire runs are located within the climbing space except those portions which are located above the communications level.


B.    Location of Steps

The lowest step shall be not less than 8 feet from the ground line, or any easily climbable foreign structure from which one could reach or step. Above this point steps shall be placed, with spacing between steps on the same side of the pole not exceeding 36 inches, at least to that conductor level above which only circuits operated and maintained by one party remain. Steps or fixtures for temporary steps shall be installed as part of a pole restoration process. Steps shall be so placed that runs or risers do not interfere with the free use of the steps.


Exception:   Steps are not required above the uppermost Class C circuit where an Antenna is affixed above supply conductors.


Note:    Revised January 2, 1962 by Resolution No. E–1109 ; June 29, 2009 by Decision No. 0810017; and January 15, 2015 by Decision No. 15-01-005