San Diego Gas & Electric Company's Sunrise Powerlink Project

(Applications A.05-12-014 and A.06-08-010)


Final Project Modification Report (and accompanying documents)

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Final Project Modification Report (4.6MB)
Figure 1. Imperial Valley Substation
Figure 2. Structures EP363-1 to EP333
Figure 3. Structures EP333 to EP324
Figure 4. Structures EP324 to EP301
Figure 5. Structures EP301 to EP276-1
Figure 6. Structures EP276-1 to EP255-2
Figure 7. Structures EP255-2 to EP252A-1
Figure 8. Structures EP252A-1 to EP239-1
Figure 9. Structures EP239-1 to EP229-1
Figure 10. Structures EP229-1 to EP221A
Figure 11. Structures EP221A to EP219-1
Figure 12. Structures EP219-1 to EP206-1
Figure 13. Structures EP206-1 to EP196-1
Figure 14. Structures EP196-1 to EP170
Figure 15. Structures EP170 to EP141
Figure 16. Structures EP141 to EP122
Figure 17. Structures EP122 to EP108-2
Figure 18. Structures EP108-2 to EP99-2
Figure 19. Structures EP105-2 (Rees)
Figure 20. Structures EP99-2 to EP79
Figure 21. Structures EP79 to EP67
Figure 22. Structures EP67 to EP62A-1
Figure 23. Structures EP62A-1 to EP47-2
Figure 24. Structures EP47-2 to EP39-1
Figure 25. Structures EP39-1 to EP22-1
Figure 26. Structures EP22-1 to EP12-3
Figure 27. Structures EP12-3 to EP9-1
Figure 28. Structures EP9-1 to EP1-3
Figure 29. Suncrest Substation
Figure 30. Structures CP109-1 to CP106-1
Figure 31. Structures CP106-1 to CP98-1
Figure 32. Structures CP98-1 to CP95-1
Figure 33. Structures CP95-1 to CP87-1
Figure 34. Structures CP87-1 to CP64-2
Figure 35. Structures CP64-2 to CP53-1
Figure 36. Structures CP53-1 to CP44-1
Figure 37. Structures CP44-1 to CP37-2
Figure 38. Structures CP37-2 to CP31-2
Figure 39. Structures CP31-2 to CP12-1
Figure 40. Structures CP12-1 to CP3
Figure 41. Structures CP3 to SSDE-1
Figure 42. Sycamore-Pomerado Reconductoring
Figure 43. Sycamore-Elliott Reconductoring
Figure 44. Sycamore-Scripps Reconductoring
Water Resources Availability Study (4.4MB)

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